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Soltima Partners

The only way to develop a world-class organization is to partner with leading organizations that are on the cutting edge of system architectures, data integrity/scalability, and communications. Our development partners dominate their respective fields in data networking, data management, and the user experience.

Cisco Systems

From the inception of the SaaS Cloud Architecture, Cisco has been the leading visionary, strategic developer, and core solutions provider. It designed key frameworks and unifying technology building blocks. Soltima has leveraged Cisco’s Preferred Architecture (PA) for Enterprise Collaboration and Application Centric Infrastructure to differentiate our Cloud-based solutions, especially:

  • Deploying its Unified Communications Architecture — Provide the entire global organization with a single communications tool set for all users.
  • Using its External Organizations Collaboration Functionality — Easily share information, interact in real time, and communicate using technologies beyond email and telephone.
  • Consolidating Communications Infrastructure — Bring together voice, video, and data into a single IP network to simplify management and support effective communications.
The Cisco framework allows us to deliver 100 percent availability, reliable performance, and security.


MarkLogic helps us to operationalize all of our data to provide a competitive edge. Our client life sciences organizations generate and acquire a significant amount of heterogeneous, complex data – and much of this valuable information is difficult to access and assess in timely manners. The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL platform enables us to become a better steward of this data – all your data – to get better, more informed analytical, clinical and operational results.


Apple has been at the forefront of the computer user experience and continues to lead. Soltima has built on Apple’s leadership through their ResearchKit and CareKit product offerings. This was done as part a carefully considered strategy to provide our clients with innovative data acquisition, entry and management strategies. In short, Apple has been assisting health care professionals around the world to transform the way innovative professionals think about health data, and we wanted to offer our clients a way to think differently – as Apple does.


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