The Fusion of Cloud Life Sciences Technologies

Attracting funding to research and development innovative therapies has become increasingly difficult. This is especially true for rare diseases where the financial return, if any, is minimal. The rise of personalized medicine and new academic programs in clinical translational sciences provides a model for developing specialized treatments for rare disease communities.

Therefore, we propose a new vision of how rare disease therapies should be funded, developed, approved and marketed. And we base this on blockchain distributed ledger technologies.

We call it the Democratic Medicine Model, which we define as a participative development process where unlimited contributors can help in the development of new treatments. In short, these qualified/permissioned contributors can contribute to the treatment development for any disease - regardless of the afflicted population size. Additional benefits include:
  • Accelerated Clinical/Biomedical Research
  • Improved Reproducibility of Study Findings
  • Embedded Data Integrity/Regulatory Compliance
  • Transparent Data Sharing Agreements
  • Integrated Study Protocol Management
  • Adaptive Study Design
  • Strengthened Study Participation
  • Structured Clinical Trial Sequencing
  • Architected Privacy by Design
  • Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mid-Study Opportunities

The Soltima Mission: Harness the power of democratic medicine, machine intelligence, scientific truth, and information technology for the benefit of patients, researchers, and rare-disease communities around the world.