The Fusion of Cloud Life Sciences Technologies

Leaders in Translational Medicine are pioneering breakthrough therapies as they build next generation treatments by combining genomic, proteomic and bioinformatic methodologies.

Soltima supports these scientific leaders by applying Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to align translational medicine objectives through to clinical research results. The proven benefits are clear:
  • Accelerated Clinical/Biomedical Research
  • Improved Reproducibility of Study Findings
  • Embedded Data Integrity/Regulatory Compliance
  • Transparent Data Sharing Agreements
  • Integrated Study Protocol Management
  • Strengthened Study Participation
  • Structured Clinical Trial Sequencing
  • Architected Privacy by Design
  • Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mid-Study Opportunities

It’s easy to forget that the Golden Gate bridge was once just an idea. Postcards make it seem like it has been here forever, making for an apt metaphor for those of us working on the edge of major scientific discoveries. One day, people will assume our therapies, our innovations and our bioanalytical tools will have always been part of the landscape.

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