The Fusion of Cloud Life Sciences Technologies

Each of us at Soltima is committed to providing our dedicated clients — medical researchers, principal investigators, study sponsors, physicians, data scientists, study participants and patients — with the most advanced tools to meet their targeted information needs throughout the study life cycle, regulatory submission life cycle, manufacturing stages and post-marketing surveillance activities.

To achieve this, we partner with IT industry titans. We build our systems on the best platforms and architectures. We work cross-functionally to provide comprehensive data solutions to real-world, life sciences issues. It’s our passion. It’s our devotion. It’s what we do.

Our leadership position is based on our team-based, laser-like determination to apply the best IT infrastructure in software development, deployment and implementation. Each solution module is tailored specifically to meet the exacting needs for our life sciences clients. We work to provide meaningful analytics, clinical intelligence, patient/provider relationship management systems and so very much more. We strive to meet the highest industry standards and to exceed the toughest global regulatory mandates.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that we transform ourselves as we transform the lives of patients who are, naturally, the beneficial recipients of the dedication of truly devoted medical professionals. We live our lives in the service of our fellow men and women. At every opportunity, we strive to have a positive, lasting impact on research, education, public health and environmental sustainability.

Building Bridges

Building durable, lasting bridges is what we aspire to do each day. We do this with the relationships we build internally, as well as those we build with every one of our treasured clients and respected partners.

Please reach out to us at our team email address:; or call our Team Lead hotline at 415-323-0497.


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